Hey everyone! I can’t believe I’m finally posting this – the first page of my comic, The Anchor and Owl! I’ll be posting once per month with ideally some process posts in between. I’d love to post more often, and could make a page a week, but I have a full time job on top of this so my spare time is limited and I don’t want to rush through. The pages are completely hand drawn on 11 x 17 Bristol Board with Copic markers and multiliners so it takes a lot of time to finish each one.

I’ve been wanting to make a comic for some time now and have been spending the last few years developing my art skills, figuring out my style, and coming up with story ideas. I’ll always feel like I can do better and it’s not perfect, but if I keep waiting to be perfect I’ll never post anything. That was a huge hurdle to overcome, but I finally landed on an idea I liked and expanded it into a full story with the help of my wonderful husband. This past summer I wrote the first chapter of the story and have been slowly creating pages to get a small buffer in place before I started posting. At last, here is my first page! I’m very proud of how it looks so far, and can’t wait to see how it progresses. Hope you like it!